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Located in Vancouver, Executive Lifestyles is a personal training centre with over 50 qualified personal trainers.

It's all about choice...your choice
Our unique approach in providing customers with unparalleled personal training choices allows clients to select a personal trainer with...

  • the right personality and work ethic
  • hours that work with your schedule
  • rates that match your budget
  • a training style or speciality that meets your individual needs

Something for everyone
Whether you're looking for conditioning training, increased muscle tone, injury rehabilitation, weight loss or another type of fitness training, Executive Lifestyles has the trainers qualified to suit your needs and meet your goals.

Getting started
Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our exceptionally qualified personal trainers. Depending on your individual situation and objectives, our trainers will ensure they are an ideal fit for you or will make a professional recommendation for a trainer and well suited for you.


Executive Lifestyles Gym in Vancouver offers one on one personal training, group training and classes, and sports specific conditioning. Conveniently located on West 8th Avenue, Vancouver, with convenient access to the new Canada Line.

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